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A wide range of Hair Curling Tongs all in one place. Curling Tongs from Andrew Collinge, Babyliss, Braun, Andrew Collinge, Carmen Girls, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Nicky Clarke, Trevor Sorbie and Vidal Sassoon

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Thermo Protection Mat 5.95
  • Protect your surfaces and bed covers with this ingenious heat resistant mat.
  • Thermal protection up to 220 degrees celsius.
  • Perfect for use with Straightening Irons, Curling Tongs etc.
  • When you've finished using your tongs, simply wrap it up in the thermal mat and secure using the heavy duty band provided.
  • Fully hand-washable, should last for years.
  • Suitable for hair straighteners and tongs which operate at temperatures up to 220 degrees celsius.
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Curling Tong Cover
curling tong cover Just tuck your warm curling tongs into the heat-resistant sleeve, stash the cord in its elasticated back pocket, and toss it into your toilet kit or cabin bag. Made of black PVC microfibre with Velcro fastening. (36 x 13.5cm; 113g)
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